6 Applet triggering.

02.193GPPRelease 1999Stage 1Subscriber Identity Module Application Programming Interface (SIM API)TS

The application triggering portion of the SIM API Framework is responsible for the activation of applets, based on the APDU received by the GSM application. The inputs and outputs could be represented in the figure below :

Figure 5: Applet Triggering module

Entry points to the applet shall be provided in two ways:

– High level entry points, in order to have a simple programming of the SIM card

– Low level entry points to support the evolution of the 3GPP TS 11.14 [3] specification (see Section 10.2)

Some of the high level entry points are listed below:

– Application Loading

– Application Removal

– Terminal Profile

– Menu Selection

– Short Message Reception

– Cell Broadcast Short Message Reception

– Call Control