6 Business level requirements

28.3113GPPPolicy management for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) based mobile networksRelease 16TS

6.1 Requirements

REQ-POM_PO-CON-1 3GPP management system should be able to support the capability about the network policy.

6.2 Actor roles

See detailed actors and roles for each use case in clause 6.4.

6.3 Telecommunication resources

See detailed telecommunication resources for each use case in clause 6.4.

6.4 High-level use cases

6.4.1 Deploy the network function

Use Case Stage

Evolution / Specification


Related use


According to the network deployment policy, 3GPP system use the policy to deploy the corresponding network.

Actors and Roles

NM create/delete/update/query/activate/deactivate the network deployment policy, EM execute the NM’s policy operation request, and notifies NM policy conflict, if exist.

Telecom resources

3GPP management system (EM, NM)


3GPP management system want to deploy a network

Pre conditions

The operator designs the network deployment requirement and need deploy the network based on the requirement.

Begins when

There is a new network policy about the network deployment.

Step 1 (M)

The operator sets up the network deployment policy through NM.

Step 2 (M)

The NM activates the policy and notifies related EM.

Step 3 (M)

The EM follows the policy to design the network then the network is instantiated by the management system.

Ends when

The EM informs the NM that the policy has been executed.


One of the steps identified above fails.

Post Conditions

The network is correctly configured and normally running