6 Forward Check SS Indication

04.103GPPMobile Radio Interface Layer 3 - Supplementary Services Specification - General AspectsTS

The forward check SS indication procedure is used when supplementary services data in the HLR may have become corrupted. The procedure is initiated by the network to inform the user to verify his supplementary services data. The procedure consists of the network sending the ForwardCheckSSIndication operation on a call independent SS transaction. The procedure shall create a new network initiated transaction.

The new transaction may be used on its own, or in parallel with other call independent SS transactions. The message flow is shown in figure 6.1.

MS Network



Facility (Invoke = ForwardCheckSSIndication)



Figure 6.1: ForwardCheckSSIndication sent on new transaction

Annex A (normative):
Notation used for stage 3 description of supplementary services

The structure of the signalling used for supplementary services on the Um Interface is defined using diagrams in GSM 04.10 and the GSM 04.8x and 04.9x‑series of technical specifications. These SS stage 3 diagrams show example message flows between the MS and the network.

Separate diagrams specify how supplementary services signalling shall be used to perform each defined supplementary service function. For signalling that uses the common information element approach, these diagrams are the normative definition of a number of important aspects of the supplementary services signalling:

‑ the diagrams normatively define the allowed responses to each supplementary service operation shown;

‑ the diagrams normatively define which GSM 04.08 or GSM 04.80 message is to be used to transport the supplementary services operations in the Facility IE;

‑ The diagrams normatively define which parameters are allowed and required in the invocation and response of each operation.