6 High level requirements to OSA

22.1273GPPRelease 9Service requirement for the Open Services Access (OSA)Stage 1TS

The following high level requirements apply to the OSA application programming interface (API). The standardised API shall be:

– independent of vendor specific solutions;

– independent of programming languages, operating systems, underlying communication technologies, etc. used in the service capabilities;

– secure, scalable and extensible;

– independent of the location where service capabilities are implemented;

– independent of supported server capabilities in the network;

– independent of the transport mechanism between the service capability features server and the application server;

– It shall be possible for an OSA application to continue operation in case of a consecutive upgrade of the underlying OSA capabilities. This ability to operate may be limited to a specific time period which is managed by the network operator.

– Access to Service Capability Features shall be realised using modern state of the art access technologies, e.g. distributed object oriented technique and Web Services technologies might be considered.;

– OSA shall be aligned as far as possible with equivalent and related work in other bodies, such as, OMA, Parlay and JAIN;

– OSA shall allow applications access to home network service capability features. Access to Service capability features in another network shall be possible.;

– When access to Service capability features in another network or administrative domain exists, the following requirements apply:

– The application shall not be aware that the SCF is in another network

– The SCF shall not need to support additional functionality in order to be accessed from a different network

– The network providing the SCF shall be able to control the visibility and usage of the SCF by another network.

– It is not required that network entities, which provide the implementation of OSA interfaces (SCFs), be mappable to 3GPP standardised functionality, nor that the existence of a standardised interface / protocol to communicate with 3GPP standardized network elements is required.Thus it is permissible to e.g. build a OSA API function into a WAP gateway to retrieve terminal capabilities from terminal supporting the WAP protocol.

Note: If the network entity, to which OSA provides an API interface, is a 3GPP standardised entity and if a standardised interface / protocol to communicate with that network entity exists it is recommended that 3GPP defines a mapping of the OSA API functions to that interface / protocol.

– OSA shall allow Service Capability Features to communicate with backup instances of an application in the case where the primary application instance is not responding. This shall be possible also when the primary and backup instances of the application are physically located in different locations.

– OSA shall enable an operator to set policies (e.g. based on the need of load distribution) on how OSA shall utilize the underlying network system.