6 Periodic location updating

03.073GPPRestoration proceduresTS

The time taken to confirm the location of an MS after location register failure is governed by the frequency with which the MS establishes radio contact with the network. The location information for an MS which remains silent for a long time will remain doubtful for a long time.

A method of reducing this time is to require the MS to establish radio contact with the network at intervals, purely to confirm its location, if the MS does not move to a new location area (which would lead to a normal location registration) or respond to paging for a mobile terminated call or request a mobile originated call or call-independent supplementary service activity.

The interval between successive periodic location updatings is controlled by a timer in the MS; this timer is reset to its initial value at the end of each successfully established radio contact between the MS and the network.

The use of the periodic location update timer is described in GSM 03.22.