6 Sequence diagrams

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6.1 SMS notification of a missed call

Showing the use of the Call Notification and Short Messaging Web Services, an SMS is sent to a person who misses a call (no answer). This sequence assumes that the provisioning of the “no answer” call notification has occurred independently.

Figure 6.1

6.2 Media Interaction – Collection of Digits from end-user

The application requests the CallNotificationManager to start the process of receiving media notifications. In this example the application requests to receive notifications for the playing of a file and the network collecting digits from the end user.

Figure 6.2

6.3 Notification of Media Interaction

In this example the application is being notified of the collection of a digit string that was collected by a digit collection resource.

Figure 6.3

6.4 Making ad-hoc conference call after answered

This sequence shows making ad-hoc conference call invoking CN and TPC web service with same session identifier.
In this example the application is being notified of the answering the call from user B Then it tries to make conference call among them by means of inviting userC to the existing call between userA and userB with same call session identifier.

Figure 6.4