6 SIM information storage requirements

3GPP42.017Functional characteristicsSubscriber Identity Module (SIM)TS

The SIM shall contain information elements for GSM network operations. The SIM may contain information elements related to the mobile subscriber, GSM services and PLMN related information, e.g. PLMN Selector.

6.1 Mandatory storage

The SIM shall provide storage capability for the following:

– Administrative information: indicates mode of operation of the SIM, e.g. normal, type approval.

– IC card identification: a number uniquely identifying the SIM and the card issuer.

– SIM service table: indicates which optional services are provided by the SIM.

– International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI).

– Location information: comprising Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity (TMSI), Location Area Information (LAI), Current value of Periodic Location Updating Timer (T3212) and the Location update status.

– Cipher key (Kc) and cipher key sequence number.

– BCCH information: list of carrier frequencies to be used for cell selection.

– Access control class(es): (see GSM 02.11 [6]).

– Forbidden PLMNs: (see GSM 02.11 [6]).

– HPLMN search period: used to control the time interval between HPLMN searches (see GSM 02.11 [6]).

– Language preference; subscriber preferred language(s) of MMI.

– Phase identification.

Location Information, Cipher Key and Cipher Key Sequence Number shall be updated on the SIM after each call termination and when the MS is correctly deactivated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

In addition the SIM shall manage and provide storage for the following information in accordance with the security requirements of clause 5:

– CHV;

– CHV enabled/disabled indicator;

– CHV error counter;

– Unblock CHV;

– Unblock CHV error counter;

– Subscriber authentication key (Ki).

6.2 Optional storage

The SIM may provide storage capability for optional datafields required to support optional GSM features and services. Refer to GSM 11.11 [12] for descriptions of optional datafields.

If the SIM supports CHV2, the following information shall be managed and stored by the SIM in accordance with the security requirements of clause 5:

– CHV2;

– CHV2 error counter;

– Unblock CHV2;

– Unblock CHV2 error counter.

If the SIM supports the SIM Application Toolkit as specified in GSM 11.14 [17], the SIM shall provide storage for the SIM Applications and data associated with those application.