6 Support of services and features other than speech

08.023GPPBase Station System - Mobile Services Switching Centre (BSS-MSC) Interface - Interface PrinciplesRelease 1999TS

6.1 Data services

In order to ensure that the requirements of 3GPP TSĀ 03.10 are met, the support of data services will entail the following 7 actions being taken:

i) the speech coder being deactivated in the mobile;

ii) a rate adaptation function being activated in the mobile;

iii) an appropriate channel coding being activated in the mobile radio subsystem;

iv) an appropriate channel coder being activated in the BSS;

v) a rate adaptation function being activated in the BSS;

vi) any echo control in the MSC being by-passed or disabled;

vii) an appropriate network interworking function being invoked.

The MSC to BSS interface will support all necessary signalling for this to be achieved.

6.2 Supplementary services

All signalling concerned with supplementary services is passed transparently through the BSS via the DTAP.