6 Transmitter/receiver performance

05.053GPPRadio transmission and receptionTS

In order to assess the error rate performance that is described in this clause it is required for a mobile equipment to have a "loop back" facility by which the equipment transmits back the same information that it decoded, in the same mode. This facility is specified in 3GPP TS 04.14.

This clause aims at specifying the receiver performance, taking into account that transmitter errors must not occur, and that the transmitter shall be tested separately (see subclause 4.6). In the case of base transceiver stations the values apply for measurement at the connection with the antenna of the BTS, including any external multicoupler. All the values given are valid if any of the features: discontinuous transmission (DTx), discontinuous reception (DRx), or slow frequency hopping (SFH) are used or not. The received power levels under multipath fading conditions given are the mean powers of the sum of the individual paths.

In this clause power levels are given also in terms of field strength, assuming a 0 dBi gain antenna, to apply for the test of MS with integral antennas.

The requirements specified in this clause shall be met by a MS in CTS mode. In particular the requirement of subclause 6.6 on frequency hopping performance shall be met by a MS performing CTS frequency hopping (as specified in 3GPP TS 05.02 subclause 6.2).