7.1.1 Event Notification Sequence Diagrams

29.198-033GPPOpen Service Access (OSA) Application Programming Interface (API)Part 3: FrameworkTS Enable Event Notification

1: This message is used to create an object implementing the IpAppEventNotification interface.

2: This message is used to receive a reference to the object implementing the IpEventNotification interface and set the callback interface for the framework.

3: If there is currently no object implementing the IpEventNotification interface, then one is created using this message.

4: createNotification(eventCriteria : in TpFwEventCriteria) : TpAssignmentID.

This message is used to enable the notification mechanism so that subsequent framework events can be sent to the application. The framework event the application requests to be informed of is the availability of new SCFs.

Newly installed SCFs become available after the invocation of registerService and announceServiceAvailability on the Framework. The application uses the input parameter eventCriteria to specify the SCFs of whose availability it wants to be notified: those specified in ServiceTypeNameList.

The result of this invocation has many similarities with the result of invoking listServiceTypes: in both cases the application is informed of the availability of a list of SCFs. The differences are:

· in the case of invoking listServiceTypes, the application has to take the initiative, but it is informed of ALL SCFs available

· in the case of using the event notification mechanism, the application needs not take the initiative to ask about the availability of SCFs, but it is only informed of the ones that are newly available.

Alternatively, or additionally, the application can request to be informed of SCFs becoming unavailable.

5: The application is notified of the availability of new SCFs of the requested type(s).