7.1.9. IpServiceRegistration

29.1983GPPOpen Service Architecture (OSA) Application Programming Interface (API) - Part 1Release 1999TS

Figure 7-10: State Transition Diagram for Service Registration Registering SCF

This is the state entered when a Service Capability Server (SCS) starts the registration of its SCF in the Framework, by informing it of the existence of an SCF characterised by a service type and a set of service properties. As a result the Framework associates a service ID to this SCF, that will be used to identify it by both sides. When receiving this ID, the SCS instantiates a manager interface for this SCF, which will be the entry point for applications that want to use it. SCF Registered

This is the state entered when, the service manager interface having been instantiated, the SCS informs the Framework of the availability of the SCF, and makes it actually available by providing the Framework with the manager interfaces to be used by applications. Anytime the SCF availability may be withdrawn by un-registering it.