7.2 Registration of a Profile

03.973GPPMultiple subscriber Profile (MSP)Stage 2TS

Registration of a profile allows the subscriber to register a provisioned profile to be used for mobile originated calls. The request to register a profile shall contain the MSP code and the profile identity and will be sent to the gsmSCF using USSD, see GSM 03.78 and GSM 03.90. The registered profile is stored in the gsmSCF. In response to a successful registration request, the gsmSCF shall return a positive acknowledgement, including the identity of the registered profile, using USSD.

The registration process in the gsmSCF is shown in figure 2. The information flow for registering a profile is shown in figure 1.

Figure 1: Registration Process

Figure 2: Process Register_MSP_gsmSCF