7.21 Inter-RAT – GERAN special issues

36.523-33GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC)Part 3: Test suitesRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification

7.21.1 Timeslot assigned for GERAN CS traffic

Timeslot 3 shall be used as the timeslot assigned for GERAN CS traffic, in order to avoid conflicts with timeslots reserved for other purposes (e.g. the GPRS channel which is assigned to timeslot 4).

7.21.2 Subchannel used in GERAN L2 access message

The subchannel is valid only for the following logical channel types: FACCH/H, SDCCH/8, SDCCH/4. For other logical channel types this field is not applicable and shall be coded as 15 for compatibility with TTCN2 test cases. The SS shall ignore it if this field is coded as 15.

7.21.3 Paging in GERAN

The system paging parameter BS_PA_MFRMS is set to a value of 2 multi frames, in order to ensure the next paging occasion is as soon as possible.