7.25 Test method for MBMS

36.523-33GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC)Part 3: Test suitesRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification

7.25.1 Schedule transmission of MCCH messages

The rules for the transmission of MCCH messages are specified in TS 36.331 [19], clause The ASPs SYSTEM_CTRL_REQ and SYSTEM_CTRL_CNF are used as interface to SS; the following rules apply:

The complete MCCH information is provided to SS by using a single ASP. The MCCH carries the MBSFNAreaConfiguration and may also carry the MBMSCountingRequest message.

The scheduling information sent to SS is the same as the scheduling information sent to the UE.

The MCCH information is sent to SS using the asn.1 types, SS shall encode in unaligned PER and add the necessary padding bits as specified in TS 36.331 [19], clause

Segmentation occurs when the MCCH message size is larger than the TBS of the MCH. SS starts scheduling all MCCH information blocks from the same SFN.

NOTE: With the default values NPRB=NRBDL=25 for 5 MHz and default signalling Imcs =2; then Itbs=2 and the TB size will be 1096 bits, hence segmentation may never happen.

7.25.2 MCCH change notification

A change notification is used to indicate the modification of MCCH information. The notification is transmitted on PDCCH, it includes the notification indicator provided in the ASP and is transmitted using the M-RNTI (defined in 3GPP TS 36.321 [16] Table 7.1-1).

The notification messages are sent during one modification period before transmitting the modified MCCH information. The SFN for the start of modification period is calculated by TTCN. The modified MCCH information and the calculated SFN are provided in the ASP SYSTEM_CTRL_REQ. The notification messages are sent on SFN/subframes calculated by TTCN according to 36.331 [19] clause 6.3.7.

7.25.3 MTCH data scheduling

The SS is configured with configuration parameters for CSA, PMCH, MRBs, MSI and scheduling information for MTCH data transmission.

The TTCN shall ensure that:

– For each configured MCH, the routing & timing information of the scheduled MRB data is consistent with the configured MSI.

– The size of all MRB data scheduled in the same subframe shall fit within the resource allocation of that subframe.

The SS shall ensure that:

– In subframes belonging to the CSA and for which no MCCH/MTCH/MSI data is scheduled by the TTCN, no MCH data shall be sent in MBMS subframes not used as per MSI.

If an MTCH packet is scheduled from TTCN in a subframe in which MCCH will be automatically transmitted by SS and/or MSI is configured and needs to be included, the MTCH packet and MCCH data along with possible MSI are included in one MAC PDU and signallingMCS is used.

When data is sent on MTCH the SS shall set the MSI in the MAC header according to TS 36.321 [16] clause The periodicity of the MSI is defined by the MCH scheduling period i.e. the MSI is not necessarily included in the subframe where the RLC SDU is transmitted.