7.3 WAP Transaction Flows Supporting MMS

23.1403GPPFunctional descriptionMultimedia Messaging Service (MMS)Stage 2TS

Note: The WAP MMS work is ongoing and the descriptions in this section are based upon preliminary material that is expected to remain stable.

The WAP MMS work describes the end-to-end transactions that occur between the MMS User Agent and the MMS Relay. These transactions accomplish the following services:

  • MMS User Agent originates a Multimedia Message (MM)
  • MMS Relay notification to an MMS User Agent about an available MM
  • MMS User Agent retrieving an MM
  • MMS User Agent support for retrieval acknowledgement to MMS Relay
  • MMS Relay sending delivery report to MMS User Agent

Figure 8 shows an example transaction flow illustrating a message origination, delivery and delivery report.

Figure 8 : Example MMS Transactional Flow in WAP

The transactions utilise a variety of transport schemes. For example, the MMS User Agent originates an MM by sending a M-Send.req to the MMS Relay by use of a WSP/HTTP POST method. This operation transmits the required data from the MMS User Agent to the MMS Relay as well as provides a transactional context for the resulting M-Send.conf response.

The MMS Relay uses WAP PUSH technology to send the M-Notification.ind to the MMS User Agent. This is how the MMS User Agent is informed of MMs available for retrieval. Included, as a data component, is the URI of the MM that the MMS User Agent is to use for the retrieval.

The retrieval activity is performed by the MMS User Agent using the WSP/HTTP GET method on the URI provided. The fetch of the URI returns the M-retrieve.conf which contains the actual MM to be presented to the user.

The MMS Relay may request information that would permit to know that the MM was actually received by the MMS User Agent. One approach would be for a distinct M-Acknowledge.ind to be passed from the MMS User Agent to the MMS Relay.

The MMS Relay is responsible for supporting an optional delivery report back to the originating MMS User Agent. Based upon possible delivery outcomes, the MMS Relay would again utilise WAP PUSH technology to inform the MMS User Agent with the M-Delivery.ind message.