7.6 MMS Presentation

23.1403GPPFunctional descriptionMultimedia Messaging Service (MMS)Stage 2TS

The rendering of an MM for a user is the ultimate objective of the MMS. This rendering operation is known as presentation. Various types of data may be used to drive the presentation. For example, the MM presentation may be based on a WML deck [27] or Synchronised Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) [28] which includes links to other component elements in the multipart message. Other presentation models may include a simple text body with image attachments. WAP has not specified any specific requirements on MMS presentations. UAProf [25] content negotiation methods should be used for presentation method selection.

Note: In the future, it will be desirable to consider mobile-optimised presentation technologies. For example, WAP Forum and W3C have initiated work on a mobile-optimised version of SMIL that would be suitable for use in an MMS environment.