7.8 Reliable delivery of signalling messages

09.603GPPGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS)GPRS Tunnelling Protocol GPT) across the Gn and Gp InterfaceRelease 1998TS

Each path maintains a queue with signalling messages to be sent to the peer. The message at the front of the queue shall be sent with a Sequence Number, and shall be held in a path list until a response is received. Each path has its own list. The Sequence Number shall be unique for each outstanding message in a single path list. A GSN may have several outstanding requests while waiting for responses.

The T3-RESPONSE timer shall be started when a signalling request message is sent. A signalling message request or response has probably been lost if a response has not been received before the T3-RESPONSE timer expires. The request is then retransmitted if the total number of request attempts is less than N3-REQUESTS times. The timer shall be implemented in the signalling application. The wait time for a response (T3-RESPONSE timer value) and the number of retries (N3-REQUESTS) shall be configurable per procedure. The total wait time shall be shorter than the MS wait time between retries of Attach and RA Update messages.

All received request messages shall be responded to and all response messages associated with a certain request shall always include the same information. Duplicated response messages shall be discarded. A response message without a matching outstanding request should be considered as a duplicate.

If a GSN is not successful with the transfer of a signalling message, e.g. a Create PDP Context Request message, it shall inform the upper layer of the unsuccessful transfer so that the controlling upper entity may take the necessary measures.