7 Conclusion

38.8563GPPRelease 16Study on local NR positioning in NR Radio Access Network (RAN)TS

7.1 LMC in NG-RAN

RAN3 has studied the feasibility and specification impact of local LMF (i.e., LMC) in NG-RAN.

Three architecture alternatives have been studied. It is concluded that support of LMC in NG-RAN is feasible

Architecture 3 seems like the most promising option among the ones studied. RAN3 did not evaluate the benefits of any of the architecture options in terms of latency towards the core network, RAN3 also did not fully evaluate, e.g., mobility issues associated with the introduction of the LMC.

RAN3 could not reach consensus on any recommendation for normative work.

7.2 NG-RAN as a LCS client

The NG-RAN as a LCS client has received no discussion in RAN3, so no recommendations can be made from the current status of studies.

Annex A (informative):
New LMC functions