7 Functions of the serving VLR

03.723GPPCall Deflection stage 2TS

The functions of the serving VLR are specified in GSMĀ 03.18. The procedure specific to the CD supplementary service is specified in this subclause.

7.1 Procedure CD_Authorization

This procedure examines the authorization related to Call Deflection.

The procedure CAMEL_Check_CD_Interaction is specific to CAMEL phase 2. If CAMEL phase 2 is not supported in the VLR, processing continues from the "No" exit of the test "Result=Pass?".

7.2 Procedure CAMEL_Check_CD_Interaction

This procedure examines whether a Translation Interaction Flag (TIF-CSI) is provided for the served subscriber.

Figure 7.1 (sheet 1): Procedure CD_Authorization

Figure 7.1 (sheet 2): Procedure CD_Authorization

Figure 7.2: Procedure CAMEL_Check_CD_Interaction