7 Use of the SCCP for operations and maintenance

08.063GPPRelease 1999Signalling transport mechanism Specification for the Base Station System - Mobile Services Switching Centre (BSS - MSC) interfaceTS

O&M messages have to be passed between the O&M functions and the BSS.

If the O&M functions use the MSC-BSS interface to transport messages to the BSS, then the SCCP of No.7 should be used.

X25 may also be used for the transfer of O&M messages between BSS and OMC, this is not further considered in this Technical Specification.

7.1 Connectionless service

The connectionless service of the SCCP is supported at the BSS for management purposes and can be used for the transport of O&M information. Addressing should be decided by the operator and manufacturer (e.g. by E164 number, this may require additional addressing capability at the BSS).

Further information is given concerning the coding of the higher levels of the O&M information in the 3GPP TS 12 series of Technical Specifications.

7.2 Connection oriented services

Connection oriented services are also supported by the BSS for management and call control. Connection oriented services can also be used for the transport of O&M information. In order to set up the connection additional addressing capability may be required at the BSS. To use a signalling connection between the BSS and the OMC via the MSC requires the same BSSOMAP-SCCP interface at both the BSS and the OMC.

7.3 BSS failure

If a system failure at the BSS occurs then sufficient MTP functions to allow message transmission and reception should be maintained.

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