8.1 General

36.1413GPPBase Station (BS) conformance testingEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)Release 17TS

Performance requirements are specified for a number of test environments and multipath channel classes.

Unless stated otherwise, performance requirements apply for a single carrier only. Performance requirements for a BS supporting carrier aggregation are defined in terms of single carrier requirements. The requirements only apply to those measurement channels that are supported by the base station.

The performance requirements for High Speed Train conditions defined in Annex B.3 are optional.

The performance requirements for UL timing adjustment scenario 2 defined in Annex B.4 are optional.

For BS with receiver antenna diversity the required SNR shall be applied separately at each antenna port.

In tests performed with signal generators a synchronization signal may be provided, from the base station to the signal generator, to enable correct timing of the wanted signal.

For tests in clause 8 the transmitter may be off.