8.11 Handling of Supplementary Service Invocation Notification

03.783GPPCcustomized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) Phase 2Release 1998Stage 2TS

At the invocation of any of the services ECT, CD and MPTY the VLR checks whether the criteria for sending a notification are fulfilled, i.e. whether the subscriber is provisioned with the SS-CSI and the particular invoked supplementary service is marked in the SS-CSI. If this is the case a notification is sent to the gsmSCF given by the gsmSCF address contained in the SS-CSI. The processing of the particular SS invocation is not suspended. If the notification criteria are not fulfilled the processing of the particular supplementary service continues unchanged and no notification is sent.

The sending of the notification is independent of call related CAMEL processing, i.e. processing indicated by O/T-CSI.

On invocation of ECT, the VLR shall include the SS-CSI in the Invoke ECT response message (see Process MAF027 in 3GPP TS 03.91 [12]) to the MSC if applicable for ECT.

On invocation of MPTY, the VLR shall include the SS-CSI in the Process MPTY message (see Process MPTY_MAF026 in 3GPP TS 03.84 [11]) to the MSC if applicable for MPTY.

On invocation of CD, the VLR shall include the SS-CSI in the Send Info For Incoming Call ack message to the MSC if applicable to CD.