8.22 Location Services

3GPP43.318Generic Access Network (GAN)Release 16Stage 2TS

The GANC uses information received from the MS during the GAN Registration and GAN Registration Update procedures to determine the geographic location of an MS.

1. Cell-Info: The MS provides the identity of the GSM, UTRAN or E-UTRAN cell it is camped on, in case GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN coverage is available, at the time of GAN registration. The GANC determines the MS location to the resolution of a single cell. This enables location services that require location resolution provided by a cell (e.g. E911 Phase 1).

NOTE 1: The accuracy of the location may be reduced if no up-to-date cellular coverage information is available.

2. Generic IP access network point of attachment information (AP-ID): The MS provides the AP-ID at the time of GAN registration. The GANC may maintain an internal database of mapping between AP-ID and AP location. The AP Location may be defined as street address, postcode or zip code and would require a translation function to a GAD shape as defined in 3GPP TS 23.032 [41]. The GANC may then determine the MS location to the resolution of a single attachment point’s coverage area. This can enable location services that require a location with greater resolution than that provided by a GSM cell (e.g. E911 Phase 2).

NOTE 2: The location of the point of attachment may not be reliable, and is dependent on up-to-date information being provided either by the MS or by the owner of the point of attachment.