8.5.2 Action of the GMSC in procedure CAMEL_CF_ETC

03.783GPPCcustomized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) Phase 2Release 1998Stage 2TS

In procedure CAMEL_CF_ETC (sheet 2) the GMSC or terminating VMSC will remain in the Wait_For_Assiting_Answer state until it receives an ISUP Answer Message (ANM) or timeout occurs. This is to ensure that a call record is always generated for every successful establishment of a temporary connection to a gsmSRF, especially in the case where the connection is between PLMNs.

NOTE: This means that it may not be possible to access an SRF which does not generate an ISUP Answer Message (ANM).

Figure 39a: Procedure CAMEL_CF_MSC_INIT (sheet 1)

Figure 39b: Procedure CAMEL_CF_MSC_INIT (sheet 2)

Figure 39c: Procedure CAMEL_CF_MSC_INIT (sheet 3)

Figure 39d: Procedure CAMEL_CF_MSC_INIT (sheet 4)

Figure 40a: Procedure CAMEL_CF_MSC_ANSWER (sheet 1)

Figure 41a: Process CAMEL_CF_ETC (sheet 1)

Figure 41b: Procedure CAMEL_CF_ETC (sheet 2)

Figure 41c: Procedure CAMEL_CF_ETC (sheet 3)

Figure 42a: Process CAMEL_CF_CTR (sheet 1)

Figure 42b: Procedure CAMEL_CF_CTR (sheet 2)

Figure 42c: Procedure CAMEL_CF_CTR (sheet 3)

Figure 42d: Procedure CAMEL_CF_CTR (sheet 4)

Figure 43a: Procedure CAMEL_Check_ORLCF_VMSC (sheet 1)