8 Interworking considerations

02.693GPPRelease 1999Stage 1TSVoice Broadcast Service (VBS)

No specific requirements are identified.

Annex A (informative):
Change history

Change history




No phase 1 version

June 1994

version 1.0.0

TS for information to SMG#11

October 1994

version 4.0.0

TS approved by SMG#12

January 1995

version 4.1.0

CRs approved by SMG#13:
CR 02.69‑001r2
CR 02.69‑002
CR 02.69‑003

April 1995

version 4.1.1

CRs approved by SMG#14:
CR 02.69‑004

October 1995

version 5.0.0

TS changed to Phase 2+ GTS

February 1996

version 5.1.0

CR approved by SMG#17:
CR 02.69-A005 (category F)
CR 02.69-A006 (category D)

December 1996

version 5.1.1

GTS converted to draft prETS 300 926 for Release 96

February 1997

version 5.1.2

CR 02.69-A007 (category D) approved by SMG#21

May 1997

version 5.1.1bis

ETS 300 926 first edition (version 5.1.2 exists already because of approved CR by SMG#21 in February 1997)

June 1997

version 5.1.3

CR 02.69-A008r1 (category D) approved by SMG#22

July 1998

version 5.2.0

CR 02.69-A009 and A010 approved by SMG#26

March 1999

Version 7.0.0

Clause affected 5.5

CR 02.69-A011 approved at SMG#28:

Information required for charging for Broadcast calls: To enable SMG3 to complete 09.02 with regard to the specification of information to be passed between the serving MSC and the anchor MSC for Broadcast calls

February 2000

Version 8.0.0

Clause affected: 7.23

CR02.69-A011 approved at SMG#31

The LCS Assistance Data broadcast service support in MS requires the CSB DRX and extended CBCH as mandatory.

November 2000

Version 8.1.0

Clause affected: 7.23

CR02.69-A015 approved at SA #10

June 2005

Version 8.2.0

Various Clauses

CR 02.69- A016 approved at SA #28