8 OSA Internal API

23.1273GPPRelease 6TSVirtual Home Environment (VHE) / Open Service Access (OSA)

The OSA internal API between framework and service capability servers (SCSs) supports registering of network service capability features (SCFs), permits the framework to retrieve a network SCF manager interface when an application is granted access to a network SCF, and enables integrity management by means of load management, heartbeat management and fault management.

8.1 OSA Access and Discovery

To support registration, the OSA Access and Discovery interfaces shall be supported at the OSA internal API.

8.2 Registration of network service capability features at the framework

The Framework needs to know the Service Capability Features provided by the SCSs, in order to make them available to applications. For this purpose network service capability features have to be registered with the Framework, and they need to be registered in such a way that applications can discover them.

NOTE: Framework and Service Capability Servers are located within the same trusted domain. Therefore no authentication mechanisms are required between them.

8.2.1 Service Registration

The Service Registration interface provides the methods used for the registration of network SCFs at the framework.

8.2.2 Service Factory

The Service Factory interface allows the framework to get access to a manager interface of a network SCF. It is used, in order to return an SCF manager interface reference to the application. Each SCF has a manager interface that is the initial point of contact for the network SCF.

8.3 Integrity Management

Integrity Management interfaces allow the framework to perform load management, heartbeat management and fault management.

8.3.1 Load Management

Load management enables the framework to manage the load allowing it to be distributed across multiple SCSs by means of load balancing.

8.3.2 Heartbeat Management

Heartbeat management allows the initialisation of a heartbeat supervision of a network SCF.

8.3.3 Fault Management

Fault management allows to inform the framework of events which affect the integrity of the framework and network SCFs, and to request information about the integrity of the system.