9.1.50 System information type 10 $(ASCI)$

3GPP44.018GSM/EDGE Radio Resource Control (RRC) protocolMobile radio interface Layer 3 specificationRelease 16TS

The understanding of messages of this message type is only required for mobile stations supporting VGCS listening and VBS listening. A mobile station not understanding the message shall treat it as unknown message.

Messages of this message type are optionally sent by the network in unacknowledged mode on the SACCH related to the voice broadcast channel or voice group call channel. SYSTEM INFORMATION TYPE 10 messages contain information about neighbour cells. When sent on the SACCH of a VGCS or VBS downlink, SYSTEM INFORMATION TYPE 10 messages address all mobile stations receiving that downlink within the cell. There may be different SYSTEM INFORMATION TYPE 10 messages sent on the same SACCH.

They are not standard layer 3 messages. They shall be transferred using the short header format for SACCH messages sent in unacknowledged mode specified in 3GPP TS 24.007.

Each SYSTEM INFORMATION TYPE 10 message defines a list of cells and may contain further information for cells of that list, a cell being identified by the pair of ARFCN and BSIC of the BCCH. Newer information about a cell received in SYSTEM INFORMATION TYPE 10 messages shall replace older information.


Significance: dual

Direction: network to mobile station


< RR short PD : bit > — See 3GPP TS 24.007

< message type : bit(5) > — See 10.4

< short layer 2 header : bit(2) > — See 3GPP TS 44.006

< SI10 Rest Octets : bit(160) >; — See