9.5 Packet Terminal Adaptation Function

03.603GPPGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS)Release 1998Service descriptionStage 2TS

The Packet Terminal Adaptation function adapts packets received from and transmitted to the Terminal Equipment to a form suitable for transmission within GSM.

A range of MT versions providing different standard interfaces towards the TE can be used, e.g.:

– MT with asynchronous serial interface and PAD (Packet Assembly / Disassembly) support (e.g., AT command set PAD, X.28 [35] / X.29 [36] / X.3 [33] PAD). In the case when the PAD function does not exist in the MT, it exists in the TE;

– "Embedded MT" integrated with the TE, possibly via an industry-standard application program interface;

– MT with synchronous serial interface.