9 API Compatibility.

02.193GPPRelease 1999Stage 1Subscriber Identity Module Application Programming Interface (SIM API)TS

9.1 Level of Compatibility

The commands and features supported by the API shall be as specified in the same Release year of 3GPP TS 11.11 [2] and 3GPP TS 11.14 [3].

9.2 Compatibility at the Interface

In order to provide compatibility with the SIM/ME interface, a GSM application SIM implemented using the SIM API shall provide full functional compatibility with the structure and content of 3GPP TS 11.11 [2], 3GPP TS 11.14 [3] commands as specified in those documents. SIM implementing the API shall be compatible with all phases of MEs.

9.3 Compatibility at the programming interface

All commands (at the functional level) shall be presented in a manner consistent with the customary or recommended use of the programming language at the programming level.

The SIM API shall be provided in two ways:

– an easy to use high level interface (proactive commands level), and

– a low level interface (i.e. the TLV parameters) to maximise scope without the need to extend the SIM API.

9.4 Compatibility with other specifications

[TBD e.g. MExE and WAP]