9 Identities

03.733GPPRelease 1999Stage 2Support of Localised Service Area (SoLSA)TS

9.1 Identities for LSA

9.1.1 LSA ID

The LSA ID shall either be a PLMN significant number or a universal identity, indicated by one bit in the LSA ID.

PLMN significant number: The LSA ID shall be a binary number uniquely assigned to an area in one network. The identity consists of 3 octets.

Universal identity: The LSA ID shall be a globally unique identity assigned to a specific company or organisation. A suitable Assigning and Registration Authority is required.

9.1.2 LSA name

It shall be possible to assign a subscriber-defined identifier to each LSA. The LSA name can e.g. be an icon or an alphanumeric text up to 10 characters.