9 List of system parameters

04.573GPPGSM Cordless Telephony System (CTS), (Phase 1) CTS CTS supervising system Layer 3 SpecificationTS

The description of timers in the following table should be considered a brief summary. The precise details are found in sections 3 to 6, which should be considered the definitive descriptions.

9.1 Timers and counters for radio resource management

9.1.1 Timers on the SN side

9.1.2 Timers on the CTS‑FP side

Annex L (informative):
Allocation of responsibilities between STCs

This annex is provided for co-ordination purposes between the separate sub-technical committees (STCs) which meet under the auspices of SMG.

NOTE: The responsible STCs have agreed that subclauses within the present document should not be renumbered because of cross impacts in other specifications. The listing of messages and information elements with GSM 04.56 is by alphabetic order. To maintain this means that innovative numbering schemes have been used for the items in a subclause.

Table L/GSM 04.56: STC responsibility allocation

Sections STC Responsible

0, 1 SMG3/SMG2

2 SMG2


4 SMG3 MM (second responsibility to SMG2)


6 (Non existent)

7 SMG3

8 SMG3

9, head part SMG3

9.1 SMG2 RR

9.2 SMG3 MM

9.3 SMG3 CC

10, head part up to 10.5 head part SMG3

10.5.1 SMG3 secondary SMG2

10.5.2 SMG2 RR

10.5.3 SMG3 MM

10.5.4 SMG3 CC

11.1 SMG2 RR

11.2 SMG3 MM

11.3 SMG3 CC