9 Mobile Equipment errors

07.073GPPAT Command set for GSM Mobile Equipment (ME)Release 1998TS

9.1 Report Mobile Equipment error +CMEE

Table 87: +CMEE parameter command syntax


Possible response(s)



+CMEE: <n>


+CMEE: (list of supported <n>s)


Set command disables or enables the use of result code +CME ERROR: <err> as an indication of an error relating to the functionality of the ME. When enabled, ME related errors cause +CME ERROR: <err> final result code instead of the regular ERROR final result code. ERROR is returned normally when error is related to syntax, invalid parameters, or TA functionality.

Test command returns values supported by the TA as a compound value.

Defined values


0 disable +CME ERROR: <err> result code and use ERROR instead

1 enable +CME ERROR: <err> result code and use numeric <err> values (refer next subclause)

2 enable +CME ERROR: <err> result code and use verbose <err> values (refer next subclause)


Mandatory for <n> values 0 and 1.

9.2 Mobile Equipment error result code +CME ERROR

The operation of +CME ERROR: <err> result code is similar to the regular ERROR result code: if +CME ERROR: <err> is the result code for any of the commands in a command line, none of the following commands in the same command line is executed (neither ERROR nor OK result code shall be returned as a result of a completed command line execution). The format of <err> can be either numeric or verbose. This is set with command +CMEE (refer previous subclause).

NOTE: ITU‑T V.25ter [14] command V does not affect the format of this result code.

<err> values (numeric format followed by verbose format):

9.2.1 General errors

0 phone failure

1 no connection to phone

2 phone‑adaptor link reserved

3 operation not allowed

4 operation not supported

5 PH‑SIM PIN required

6 PH-FSIM PIN required

7 PH-FSIM PUK required

10 SIM not inserted

11 SIM PIN required

12 SIM PUK required

13 SIM failure

14 SIM busy

15 SIM wrong

16 incorrect password

17 SIM PIN2 required

18 SIM PUK2 required

20 memory full

21 invalid index

22 not found

23 memory failure

24 text string too long

25 invalid characters in text string

26 dial string too long

27 invalid characters in dial string

30 no network service

31 network timeout

32 network not allowed – emergency calls only

40 network personalisation PIN required

41 network personalisation PUK required

42 network subset personalisation PIN required

43 network subset personalisation PUK required

44 service provider personalisation PIN required

45 service provider personalisation PUK required

46 corporate personalisation PIN required

47 corporate personalisation PUK required

100 unknown

9.2.2 GPRS-related errors Errors related to a failure to perform an Attach

Numeric Text

103 Illegal MS (#3)
106 Illegal ME (#6)
107 GPRS services not allowed (#7)
111 PLMN not allowed (#11)
112 Location area not allowed (#12)
113 Roaming not allowed in this location area (#13)

(Values in parentheses are GSM 04.08 cause codes.) Errors related to a failure to Activate a Context

Numeric Text

132 service option not supported (#32)
133 requested service option not subscribed (#33)
134 service option temporarily out of order (#34)
149 PDP authentication failure

(Values in parentheses are GSM 04.08 cause codes.) Other GPRS errors

Numeric Text

150 invalid mobile class

148 unspecified GPRS error

Other values in the range 101 – 150 are reserved for use by GPRS

Also all other values below 256 are reserved

Mandatory for numeric format codes applicable to implemented command set.

9.3 Informative examples

An example of TA responses with all three +CMEE values when ME manufacturer identification is requested but ME is not connected to the TA:

AT+CMEE=0 (+CME ERROR shall not be used)




AT+CMEE=1 (use numeric <err>)




AT+CMEE=2 (use verbose <err>)



+CME ERROR: no connection to phone