9 Requirements on interfaces at different levels of abstractions

22.1273GPPRelease 9Service requirement for the Open Services Access (OSA)Stage 1TS

The OSA-defined functions may be accessed through interfaces at different levels of abstractions and according to different programming formalisms, in addition to those defined in the previous Releases. The abstraction levels and the programming formalism should be identified according to the needs of the programmers’ communities. Those interfaces should consist of a simplified version of the already standardised OSA APIs or consist of new APIs for additional capabilities defined according to the Web Services principles (e.g., Parlay X, OMA).

All the interfaces shall be integrated in the context of the OSA architecture:

– they shall guarantee a secure and controlled access to the service capabilities;

– it shall be possible to introduce them in an incremental way;

– they should allow applications be triggered by network events.

The interfaces shall be defined using state of the art specification formalisms (e.g., UML, WSDL), and realised using different distributed processing technologies.