A.1 Architectural features

32.7863GPPHome enhanced Node B (HeNB) Subsystem (HeNS)Integration Reference Point (IRP)Network Resource Model (NRM)Release 11Solution Set (SS) definitionsTelecommunication managementTS

The overall architectural feature of HeNS Network Resources IRP is specified in 3GPP TS 32.782 [2].
This clause specifies features that are specific to the CORBA SS.

A.1.1 Syntax for Distinguished Names

The syntax of a Distinguished Name is defined in 3GPP TS 32.300 [10].

A.1.2 Rules for NRM extensions

This clause discusses how the models and IDL definitions provided in the present document can be extended for a particular implementation and still remain compliant with 3GPP SA5’s specifications.

A.1.2.1 Allowed extensions

Vendor-specific MOCs may be supported. The vendor-specific MOCs may support new types of attributes.
The 3GPP SA5-specified notifications may be issued referring to the vendor-specific MOCs and vendor-specific attributes. New MOCs shall be distinguishable from 3GPP SA5 MOCs by name. 3GPP SA5-specified and vendor-specific attributes may be used in vendor-specific MOCs. Vendor-specific attribute names shall be distinguishable from existing attribute names.

NRM MOCs may be subclassed. Subclassed MOCs shall maintain the specified behaviour of the 3GPP SA5’s superior classes. They may add vendor-specific behaviour with vendor-specific attributes. When subclassing, naming attributes cannot be changed. The subclassed MOC shall support all attributes of its superior class. Vendor-specific attributes cannot be added to 3GPP SA5 NRM MOCs without subclassing.

When subclassing, the 3GPP SA5-specified containment rules and their specified cardinality shall still be followed.
As an example, ManagementNode (or its subclasses) shall be contained under SubNetwork (or its subclasses).

Managed Object Instances may be instantiated as CORBA objects. This requires that the MOCs be represented in IDL. 3GPP SA5’s NRM MOCs are not currently specified in IDL, but may be specified in IDL for instantiation or subclassing purposes. However, management information models should not require that IRPManagers access the instantiated managed objects other than through supported methods in the present document.

Extension rules related to notifications (Notification categories, Event Types, Extended Event Types etc.) are for further study.

A.1.2.2 Extensions not allowed

The IDL specifications in the present document cannot be edited or altered. Any additional IDL specifications shall be specified in separate IDL files.

IDL interfaces (note: not MOCs) specified in the present document may not be subclassed or extended. New interfaces may be defined with vendor-specific methods.