A.1 General

29.5183GPP5G SystemAccess and Mobility Management ServicesRelease 16Stage 3TS

This Annex specifies the API definition of the service provided by AMF in this document. The APIs are defined by OpenAPI 3.0.0 specifications in YAML format, following guidelines in 3GPP TS 29.501 [5].

The APIs for specified for following services:

– Namf_Communication Service

– Namf_EventExposure Service

– Namf_MT Service

– Namf_Location Service

This Annex takes precedence when being discrepant to other parts of the specification with respect to the encoding of information elements and methods within the API(s).

NOTE : The semantics and procedures, as well as conditions, e.g. for the applicability and allowed combinations of attributes or values, not expressed in the OpenAPI definitions but defined in other parts of the specification also apply.

Informative copies of the OpenAPI specification files contained in this 3GPP Technical Specification are available on a Git-based repository, that uses the GitLab software version control system (see 3GPP TS 29.501 [5] clause 5.3.1 and 3GPP TR 21.900 [37] clause 5B).