A.1 Rationale for this test

11.263GPPBase Station System (BSS) equipment specificationPart 4: RepeatersRelease 1997TS

The normative provisions of this ETS specify the out-of band gain relative to the edge of one of the GSM bands specified in subclause 4.1. The purpose of this informative annex is to define a test method which may be used to measure the out-of-band gain for a repeater which is designed to operate only over part of one of these bands. This test may be used for acceptance testing or for regulatory purposes.

Since GSM 05.05 does not specify the out-of-band gain requirements within a GSM band for a such a repeater, the performance requirements for the repeater must be agreed prior to this test being performed. Normally, the requirements for the uplink and downlink directions will be similar, but with the frequencies offset by 45 or 95 MHz.