A.1 Travel support and information service

22.1273GPPRelease 9Service requirement for the Open Services Access (OSA)Stage 1TS

Service Scenario Description

The service scenario described below is the following: a user has subscribed to a tourist board information service, and each time he will enter a new interesting location the service provider will offer him to watch a video showing the main attractions of the area. The service is charged 1 Euro per movie.

Step by step description

Note: The following description does not imply any physical location of the different functions, or any mapping between the SCFs and the network capabilities. The processes internal to the different entities are not detailed.

FF: Framework Function

NF: Network Function

UF: User data related Functions

Step 1: On-line Service Level Agreement

This step is intended to sign an on-line service level agreement (SLA) between the information service and the framework.

Step 2: Service initialisation

The Service Provider will discover all the service features available in the network (e.g. location update, service usage charging…), and set up the parameters necessary to render the service (i.e. the service provider asks to be notified whenever the user enters a specific geographic area). The list of available service features depends on the SLA.

Note: It is assumed that all the available Service Capability Features have already registered.

Step 3: Service Delivery

The service provider is informed that the user has entered a new geographical area (e.g. Japan). After checking that the user has enough money left on his account, the service provider retrieves the terminal capabilities. Based on this information, the service provider can determine the type of content that can be sent to the user (for example a black and white video if the terminal does not support colour display,…). The service provider will then reserve 1 € in the account of the subscriber. A multimedia session will be established between the service provider and the user, and the user will then be displayed the sightseeing information. Once the movie’s display is over, the session will be released and the service fee will be deducted from the user’s account.