A.2 APN Selection Rules

03.603GPPGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS)Release 1998Service descriptionStage 2TS

The SGSN shall select the APN to be used to derive the GGSN address, and set the selection mode parameter according to the rules in the SDL diagrams in this subclause. The following definitons apply to the SDL diagrams:

AddrMode: Addressing Mode.

APN‑OI: APN Operator Identifier.

HPLMN‑OI: HPLMN APN Operator Identifier (derived from IMSI).

Number <condition>: determines the PDP context subscription records that satisfy the given condition.

PDPaddr: PDP address.

SelMode := ChosenBySGSN: Network-provided APN, subscription not verified.

SelMode := SentByMS: MS-provided APN, subscription not verified.

SelMode := Subscribed: MS or Network-provided APN, subscription verified.

SelMode: Selection Mode.

VPLMN‑OI: VPLMN APN Operator Identifier.

+: concatenation operation.

Figure A.1: SDL Diagram 1

Figure A.2: SDL Diagram 2

Figure A.3: SDL Diagram 3

Figure A.4: SDL Diagram 4

Figure A.5: SDL Diagram 5

Figure A.6: SDL Diagram 6

Annex B (informative):
Data Transmission Routeing Examples

Examples of the PDP PDU routeing are given below to clarify the GPRS routeing concept. It is assumed here that the MS has subscribed to a PDP type and a PDP address in the home PLMN and that this PDP address has been activated.

The contexts and the main parameters in the figures indicate which information is used to route the data to the correct network nodes.