A.2 Group registration (join) operation

24.5443GPPGroup managementProtocol specificationRelease 17Service Enabler Architecture Layer (SEAL)TS

A.2.1 Client side parameters

The SGM-C shall convey the following parameters while sending group registration request.

Table A.2.1-1: Client side parameters for group registration request



Message Filters

OPTIONAL. Group message communication will be sent to the VAL UE after applying message filters as described in TableĀ A.Y.1-2.

Table A.2.1-2: Message Filter Information




Required. Represent the VAL UE identity who has provided these filters.


OPTIONAL. Represents a space-separated list of VAL UE identities. The messages from these VAL UEs will be send to the VAL UE.

Max number of messages (NOTE 1)

OPTIONAL. Represents the total number of messages a VAL UE is interested to receive in a given time.

Time frame

OPTIONAL. Represents the time in seconds. This parameter is required if Max number of messages parameter is present.

Message Types (NOTE 2)

OPTIONAL. Represents a space-separated list of message types (e.g. high priority messages, or group configuration messages, etc.). The messages of these message types will be sent to the VAL UE.

NOTE 1: The value for max number of messages is up to the implementation of a particular vertical requirement.

NOTE 2: Message types are as decided by the vertical which uses the SEAL.