A.7 Miscellaneous

36.3313GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)Protocol specificationRadio Resource Control (RRC)Release 15TS

The following miscellaneous conventions should be used:

– References: Whenever another specification is referenced, the specification number and optionally the relevant clause, table or figure, should be indicated in addition to the pointer to the References clause e.g. as follows: ‘see TS 36.212 [22,]’.

– UE capabilities: TS 36.306 [5] specifies that E-UTRAN should in general respect the UE’s capabilities. Hence there is no need to include statement clarifying that E-UTRAN, when setting the value of a certain configuration field, shall respect the related UE capabilities unless there is a particular need e.g. particularly complicated cases.

Annex B (normative): Release 8 and 9 AS feature handling