Additional Information stored in network entities

03.973GPPMultiple subscriber Profile (MSP)Stage 2TS

5.1 Data stored in the HLR

The HLR contains all the common data (the data valid for all profiles) and some data specific to the default profile.

The data stored in the HLR are defined in GSM 03.08. The elements specifically used for MSP are:

– List of MSISDNs and associated Bearer Capabilities;

– Default profile (associated with the Basic MSISDN);

– Capabilities of VLR (support of CAMEL Phase 2);

– Supplementary services (per BSG) subscribed per provisioned subscriber (CW, CH, MPTY, …);

– Call Barring Data (see subclause 7.6.8: Call Barring);

– ODB Data (see subclause 7.7.5: Operator Determined Barring);

– CAMEL data including the MSP service key, O-CSI, T-CSI, UG-CSI and Location information / Subscriber state Interrogation.

5.2 Data stored in the VLR

The data stored in a VLR are defined in GSM 03.08. MSP has no impact on the VLR.