B.1 General

04.643GPPGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS)Mobile Station - Serving GPRS Support Node (MS-SGSN) Logical Link Control (LLC) layer specificationTS

The purpose of this annex is to provide a representative example of the peer-to-peer procedures of the LLC layer, to assist in the understanding of the present document. This representation does not describe all of the possible actions of the LLC layer. The representation does therefore not constrain implementations from exploiting the full scope of the procedures as presented within the text of the present document. The text description of the procedures is normative.

The representation is a model of the peer-to-peer procedures of the LLC layer and is applicable to the LLC layers at both the MS and SGSN sides for all ranges of TLLI values.

Figure B.1: Model of the LLC layer peer-to-peer procedures