B.2 Calling side compatibility checking

04.083GPPMobile radio interface Layer 3 specificationRelease 1998TS

B.2.1 Compatibility checking of the CM SERVICE REQUEST message

The network shall check if the service requested in the CM SERVICE REQUEST message is permitted for that subscriber.

B.2.2 Compatibility/Subscription checking of the SETUP message

At the calling side the network shall check that the basic service(s) requested by the calling MS in the Bearer Capability information element(s) match(es) with the basic services provided to that subscriber by the PLMN. If for at least one bearer capability information element contained in the SETUP message a mismatch is detected, then the network shall proceed as follows:

– if the SETUP message contained two bearer capability information elements for only one of which a mismatch is detected, the network shall either:

– under the conditions specified in 3GPP TS 07.01 (e.g. TS 61 and TS 62), accept the SETUP message with a CALL PROCEEDING message containing the, possibly negotiated, bearer capability information element for which no mismatch is detected, or

– reject the call using one of the causes listed in annex H.

– otherwise the network shall reject the call using one of the causes listed in annex H.

Network services are described in 3GPP TS 02.02 and 3GPP TS 02.03 as bearer services and teleservices, respectively.