B.2 CSG support

36.3313GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)Protocol specificationRadio Resource Control (RRC)Release 15TS

In this release of the protocol, it is mandatory for the UE to support a minimum set of CSG functionality consisting of:

– Identifying whether a cell is CSG or not;

– Ignoring CSG cells in cell selection/reselection.

Additional CSG functionality in AS, i.e. the requirement to detect and camp on CSG cells when the "CSG whitelist" is available or when manual CSG selection is triggered by the user, are related to the corresponding NAS features. This additional AS functionality consists of:

– Manual CSG selection;

– Autonomous CSG search;

– Implicit priority handling for cell reselection with CSG cells.

It is possible that this additional CSG functionality in AS is not supported or tested in early UE implementations.

Note that since the above AS features relate to idle mode operations, the capability support is not signalled to the network. For these reasons, no "feature group indicator" is assigned to this feature to indicate early support in Rel-8.

Annex C (normative): Release 10 AS feature handling