B.3 Step by step method

21.9163GPPRelease 16Release descriptionTS

This method is to be used when the hierarchical structure is not known or when the "direct method" above does not show the expected results.

In this case, the 3GPP Ultimate web site has to be used:


As a preliminary step, it is essential that the "Customized Selection" is set to "All TSGs" (otherwise, a filter would be applied).

Figure B.3-1: Selecting "All TSGs" in "Customized Selection" as to remove any potential filter on the Search

Then select the "Work Plan" tab (upper red arrow in the figure below).

Figure B.3-2: Using the 3GU Portal to retrieve more information on a given Feature

Then the search might be performed by either typing the Acronym (as shown by the left red arrow on the figure above, using the example "MCPTT"), or by the name or UID (right box) then by clicking on the "Search" button. Watch the "Granularity (Level)" field, which is a filter to return only the Items which level is specified here.

In the results, the icon depicting some binoculars has to be hit (lower right red arrow on the figure above).

This will lead to the page shown in the figure below:

Figure B.3-3: Window resulting from a "Search"

On this window, the "Related" tab has to be clicked, as pointed by the red arrow in the figure above. This will lead to the window depicted in the figure below.

Figure B.3-4: "Related" tab in a Work Item search, with links to all related Specifications and Change Requests

The two links pointed by the red arrows in the figure above lead to the pages containing respectively all the Specifications and all the Change Requests (CRs) linked to this Feature.

Annex C:
Change history

Change history








New version



Initital draft, call for contributions (Note: in TSG CT and RAN, up to meeting 88e included, summaries were minuted as "Noted" instead of "Endorsed")




Summaries received:

RP-190144 : Transfer of Iuant interface specifications from 25-series to 37-series

RP-191816 Introduction of GSM, UTRA, E-UTRA and NR capability set(s) (CS(s)) to the multi-standard radio (MSR) specifications

RP-192162 Direct data forwarding between NG-RAN and E-UTRAN nodes for inter-system mobility

SP-190855 Charging Enhancement of 5GC

interworking with EPC

SP-190865 Coverage and Handoff Enhancements for Multimedia

SP-191223 Summary for 5G_eLCS CATT

SP-191229 Summary for RDSSI Convida Wireless LLC

SP-191247 Summary for ‘Service Interactivity’ Qualcomm Incorporated

SP-191252 Summary for ‘OAM aspects of LTE and WLAN integration’ Intel

SP-191277 Summary for Volume Based Charging Aspects for VoLTE China Mobile

SP-191328 Summary for ‘EVS Float Conformance for Non Bit-exact EVS_FCNBE Rapporteur (Intel)




Summaries received from RAN#86:

RP-192721 Summary for: Further performance enhancement for LTE in high speed scenario DOCOMO Communications Lab.

RP-192964 Summary for:eNB(s) Architecture Evolution for E-UTRAN and NG-RAN China Unicom




Summaries received from SA#86:

SP-191223 Summary for 5G_eLCS CATT

(SP-191229 Summary for RDSSI Convida Wireless LLC-> replaced by SP-200057)

SP-191247 Summary for ‘Service Interactivity’ Qualcomm Incorporated

SP-191252 Summary for ‘OAM aspects of LTE and WLAN integration’ Intel

SP-191277 Summary for Volume Based Charging Aspects for VoLTE China Mobile

SP-191328 Summary for ‘EVS Float Conformance for Non Bit-exact EVS_FCNBE Rapporteur (Intel)

Summaries received from TSG#87e:

RP-200087 Summary for 2-step RACH ZTE Corporation

RP-200112 Summary for Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) with 3 bands DL and 3 bands UL ZTE Corporation

RP-200152 Summary for: Single Radio Voice Call Continuity from 5G to 3G China Unicom

RP-200170 Summary for inter-band CA/DC for 2 bands DL with up to 2 bands UL ZTE Corporation

RP-200173 Summary for inter-band CA/DC for 3 bands DL with 2 bands UL ZTE Corporation

RP-200214 Summary for High power UE (power class 2) for EN-DC (1 LTE TDD band + 1 NR TDD band) CMCC

SP-200034 Summary for ‘RTCP Verification for Real-Time Services’ Ericsson LM

SP-200036 Summary for "Media Handling Extensions for 5G Conversational Services” (5G_MEDIA_MTSI_ext) Intel (Rapporteur)

SP-200057 Summary for RDSSI Convida Wireless LLC

SP-200058 Summary for Rel-16 eV2XARC LG Electronics

SP-200124 Summary for ATSSS ZTE Wistron Telecom AB

SP-200125 Summary for eNS ZTE Wistron Telecom AB

SP-200126 Summary for Rel-16 V2XIMP LG Electronics France

SP-200128 Summary for "VR QoE Metrics" Ericsson LM=> NOT INCLUDED, SAID TO BE REL-17 in the Work Plan

SP-200129 Summary for 5G_SRVCC China Unicom

SP-200131 Summary for User Identities and Authentication Deutsche Telekom AG

SP-200217 Summary for Business Role Models for Network Slicing Nokia

CP-200143 Summary for Shared Data Handling on Nudm and Nudr Nokia, Nokia Shanghai Bell

RP-202581 WID summary for LTE/NR spectrum sharing in band 48/n48 frequency range Apple Inc.

RP-202600 WI summary for WI Perf. Part.: Over the air (OTA) base station (BS) testing TR RAN4

RP-202753 WI summary for NR-U QUALCOMM Europe Inc. – Spain




Summaries endorsed (marked as "noted") by RAN#87e:

Already included in v.0.4.0 (note that RP-201225 "Summary for: 2-step RACH for NR" from ZTE Corporation was superseded at following RAN meeting)

Summaries endorsed by CT#87e:

Already included in v.0.4.0

Summaries endorsed by SA#87e:

Already included in v.0.4.0: SP-200034; SP-200036; SP-200057;

SP-200058; SP-200124; SP-200125; SP-200126; SP-200128(not included, Rel-17); SP-200129; SP-200131

New SA#87e summaries in v.0.5.0:

SP-200215 Summary for Provision of Access to Restricted Local Operator Services by Unauthenticated UEs Nokia

SP-200224 Summary for SMARTER-Ph2 VODAFONE Group Plc

SP-200228 Summary for Energy Efficiency of 5G Orange

SP-200253 Summary for 5WWC Huawei

SP-200254 Summary for eNA Huawei

SP-200256 Summary for ‘ETSUN’ Nokia Japan

SP-200265 Summary for 5GMSG China Mobile

SP-200266 Summary for Charging aspects of ETSUN China Mobile

SP-200273 Summary for RACS Qualcomm Incorporated, MediaTek

SP-200274 Summary for ‘Cellular IoT support and evolution for the 5G System’ Qualcomm Incorporated

SP-200294 Summary for Business Role Models for Network Slicing Nokia

SP-200295 Summary for 5G_URLLC Huawei

SP-200296 Summary for Vertical_LAN Nokia Japan

Summaries endorsed (marked as "noted") by RAN#88e:

RP-200604 Summary for: Support for NavIC Navigation Satellite System in LTE Reliance Jio

RP-200678 Summary for: NG interface usage for WWC (Wireless Wireline Convergence) Huawei, HiSilicon

RP-200727 Summary for Add support of NR DL 256QAM for frequency range 2 (FR2) China Telecom

RP-200733 Summary for Private Network Support for NG-RAN China Telecom

RP-200738 Summary for Even further mobility enhancement in E-UTRAN China Telecom

RP-200774 Summary for SON (Self-Organising Networks) and MDT (Minimization of Drive Tests) support for NR CMCC

RP-200776 Summary for NR support for high speed train scenario CMCC

RP-200798 Summary for Support of NR Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Nokia, Nokia Shanghai Bell

RP-200850 Summary for LTE-based 5G terrestrial broadcast QUALCOMM Europe Inc. – Italy

RP-200855 Summary for 5G V2X with NR sidelink LG Electronics

RP-200885 Summary for DL MIMO efficiency enhancements for LTE Huawei, HiSilicon

RP-200887 Summary for Physical layer enhancements for NR ultra-reliable and low latency case (URLLC) Huawei, HiSilicon

RP-200912 Summary for UE Power Saving in NR CATT

RP-201019 Summary for Introduction of NR FDD bands with variable duplex and corresponding framework Huawei, HiSilicon

RP-201225 Summary for 2-step RACH for NR ZTE Corporation

RP-201229 Summary for Additional enhancements for NB-IoT Futurewei Technologies

RP-201235 Summary for Core part: Optimisations on UE radio capability signalling – NR/E-UTRA Aspects Mediatek

RP-201274 Summary for NR mobility enhancements Intel Corporation

RP-201276 Summary for Additional MTC enhancements for LTE Ericsson

RP-201280 Summary for Cross Link Interference (CLI) handling and Remote Interference Management (RIM) for NR LG Electronics

Summaries endorsed by CT#88e:


Summaries endorsed by SA#88e:

SP-200343 Summary for Enhancements of Public Warning System (ePWS) SyncTechno Inc. (Rapporteur)

SP-200344 Summary for Maritime Communication Services over 3GPP System (MARCOM) SyncTechno Inc. (Rapporteur)

SP-200403 Summary for ANTeM HEAD acoustics GmbH

SP-200520 Summary for KPI reporting ZTE Corporation

SP-200524 Add Telecom management section to TR 21.916 SA WG5 Vice Chairman (Huawei), SA WG5 Chairman, SA WG5 Vice Chairman (Nokia)

SP-200525 Add summary of Charging Aspect for 5WWC to TR 21.916 Huawei Tech.(UK) Co., Ltd

SP-200526 Add summary of management enhancement for tenant environment support to TR 21.916 Huawei Tech.(UK) Co., Ltd

SP-200531 Summary for Methodology for 5G management specifications Ericsson LM

SP-200532 Summary for Closed loop SLS Assurance Ericsson LM

SP-200534 Summary for the SBMA trace and Streaming trace work items Nokia

SP-200535 Summary for 5G management capabilities Orange Spain

SP-200544 WI_summary_MA5SLA China Mobile Com. Corporation=> Not INCLUDED (Rel-17 In the Work Plan)

SP-200128 Summary for "VR QoE Metrics" Ericsson LM (Included after clarification that it was Rel-16 and not Rel-17)




Summaries endorsed by SA#86:

SP-190322 WI_summary E2E_DELAY (was unintentionally skipped earlier) Intel





Summaries received at TSG#89e:


CP-202027 Work Item Summary for eNAPIs Huawei


SP-200776 Work Item Summary for 5G_eSBA China Mobile

SP-200777 Work Item Summary for Rel-16 UDICOM Nokia Korea

SP-200801 Summary for Work Item on “Removal of H.263 and MPEG-4 Visual from 3GPP Services” Qualcomm Incorporated

SP-200808 Work Item Summary for Rel-16 eIMS5G_SBA T-Mobile USA Inc.

SP-200848 Work item Summary for 5GMS3 Sony (Rapporteur)

SP-200849 Work item Summary for Enhancement of performance assurance for 5G Intel (Rapporteur)

SP-200851 Work Item Summary for Rel-16 eCAPIF Samsung

SP-200852 Work Item Summary for Rel-16 SEAL Samsung


RP-201531 Summary of WI on Multi-RAT Dual-Connectivity and Carrier Aggregation enhancements (LTE, NR) Ericsson

RP-201718 WI summary: RF requirements for NR frequency range 1 (FR1) Huawei, HiSilicon

RP-201757 WI summary for WI: Integrated Access and Backhaul for NR (NR_IAB) Qualcomm Incorporated

RP-201829 Summary for WI UE Conformance Test Aspects – Mission Critical Improvements NIST

RP-201836 WI summary for WI: NR positioning support Intel Corporation

RP-201840 WI summary for NR-based Access to Unlicensed Spectrum QUALCOMM Europe Inc. – Spain

RP-201884 WI summary: NR RRM enhancement in R16 Intel Corporation

RP-201905 WI Summary for 29 dBm UE Power Class for LTE Band 41and NR Band n41 T-Mobile USA

RP-201942 WI summary on RRM requirement for CSI-RS Based L3 measurement CATT

Receiveed by e-mail but not submitted to TSG#89e:


Other Summaries received by TSG#89 and included:

SP-200872 WI summary for QOED

SP-200XYZ WI summary for LAN support in 5G

SP-200XYZ WI summary for eLSTR

SP-200938 WI summary for V2XAPP Huawei Telecommunication India

SP-200941 Summary for work item ‘Mobile Communication System for Railways 2 (MONASTERY2)’ Nokia, Nokia Shanghai Bell

SP-200943 Summary for work item ‘5G positioning services (5G_HYPOS)’ ESA

SP-201001 summary for WI MBMSAPI_MCS CATT, TD-Tech

SP-201083 WI summary for eMCData2 AT&T GNS Belgium SPRL

SP-201111 WI summary for MCCI Sepura Ltd

SP-201113 Summary for work item ‘Multi-device and multi-identity (MUD)’ Ericsson

SP-201114 Summary of enh2MCPTT feature in Release 16 Motorola Solutions UK Ltd.

SP-201117 Summary for Work Item Network Resource Model (NRM) enhancements Nokia, Nokia Shanghai Bell



No more summary received since December, closing of the document

Link added to all sections to provide the link to all corresponding CRs





Raised to v.16.0.0 following SA’s approval



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