B.4.1 Mobile to land (outgoing) call

32.0053G call and event data for the Circuit Switched (CS) domain3GPPCharging managementRelease 1999Telecommunications managementTS

Figure B.1 illustrates a simple outgoing call from a PLMN subscriber "A" to a fixed network subscriber "B" (1).

The originating MSC (MSC-A) shall generate an MOC record for subscriber "A".

The GMSC shall create an outgoing gateway record for accounting with the fixed network including details of the point at which the call left the PLMN i.e. the GMSC id. and outgoing trunk group. This record also includes time stamps to determine both the holding time of the outgoing trunk and the duration of the conversation.

For the avoidance of doubt, even if the MSC and GMSC are co-located both records shall be produced.

The records generated are subsequently transferred to the OS (A) either as event reports following the release of the connection or when collected by the OS.

Figure B.1: Mobile to land (outgoing) call