B.4.9 Call hold and multi-party service

32.0053G call and event data for the Circuit Switched (CS) domain3GPPCharging managementRelease 1999Telecommunications managementTS

Figure B.9 illustrates the use of the call hold and multi-party services.

A mobile subscriber ("A") sets up an outgoing call (1) to an ISDN subscriber ("B"). This call is recorded as outlined in subclause B.4.1.

Subscriber "A" then invokes the call hold service. MSC-A shall produce a supplementary service action record for the invocation.

Subscriber "A" then sets up a side-call (2) to a second mobile subscriber ("C") within the same network. This call is recorded as outlined in subclause B.4.3.

Subscriber "A" subsequently invokes the multi-party service in order to set up a three-party conference with "B" and "C". MSC-A shall produce a common equipment record for the use of a conference circuit by subscriber "A". This record shall record the duration of the whole conference irrespective of the number of parties subsequently added to, or removed from the conference connection.

Note that the MOC records produced by MSC-A for both the A -> B and A -> C legs of the conference shall contain the supplementary service code for multi-party.

Figure B.9: Call hold and multi-party service