B.4 MS-to-MS Data Routeing via Different GGSNs

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This example is basically the same as described in subclause "MS-to-MS Data Routeing via the Same GGSN", with the difference that the same GGSN is not handling the first MS’s outgoing traffic and the second MS’s incoming traffic. In practice, this means that when the first GGSN has extracted the destination address from the PDP PDU and detected the destination subnetwork, its routeing table has a "short-cut" to the second GGSN. Instead of routeing the PDP PDU via an external data network, it is possible to route it via the inter-PLMN backbone network.

– If the first GGSN does not know the short-cut from one operator to another, the PDP PDUs are transmitted via the external data network. From the first GGSN’s point of view, the second MS then resembles a normal fixed network node.

– In case of connection-oriented protocols (e.g., X.25) an additional DTE / DCE conversion may need to be performed in the GGSN.

Figure C.4: MS-to-MS Data Routeing via Different GGSNs

Annex C (informative):

Figure 1: GPRS Access Interfaces and Reference Points 14

Figure 2: Overview of the GPRS Logical Architecture 19

Figure 3: Intra- and Inter-PLMN Backbone Networks 20

Figure 4: Transmission Plane 22

Figure 5: Signalling Plane MS ‑ SGSN 23

Figure 6: Signalling Plane SGSN ‑ HLR 23

Figure 7: Signalling Plane SGSN ‑ MSC/VLR 23

Figure 8: Signalling Plane SGSN ‑ EIR 24

Figure 9: Signalling Plane SGSN ‑ SMS-GMSC and SGSN ‑ SMS-IWMSC 24

Figure 10: Signalling Plane GSN ‑ GSN 24

Figure 11: Signalling Plane GGSN ‑ HLR Using MAP 25

Figure 12: Signalling Plane GGSN ‑ HLR Using GTP and MAP 25

Figure 13: Functional Mobility Management State Model 27

Figure 14: Functional Anonymous Access Mobility Management State Model 28

Figure 15: CS Paging Procedure 32

Figure 16: MS Information Procedure 34

Figure 17: MM Information Procedure 34

Figure 18: Combined GPRS / IMSI Attach Procedure 36

Figure 19: MS-Initiated Combined GPRS / IMSI Detach Procedure 39

Figure 20: SGSN-Initiated GPRS Detach Procedure 39

Figure 21: HLR-Initiated GPRS Detach Procedure 40

Figure 22: Purge Procedure 41

Figure 23: Authentication Procedure 41

Figure 24: P‑TMSI Reallocation Procedure 42

Figure 25: Scope of GPRS Ciphering 43

Figure 26: Identity Check Procedure 43

Figure 27: Intra SGSN Routeing Area Update Procedure 45

Figure 28: Inter SGSN Routeing Area Update Procedure 46

Figure 29: Combined RA / LA Update in the Case of Intra SGSN RA Update Procedure 48

Figure 30: Combined RA / LA Update in the Case of Inter SGSN RA Update Procedure 50

Figure 31: Insert Subscriber Data Procedure 53

Figure 32: Delete Subscriber Data Procedure 54

Figure 33: GPRS Paging Procedure 56

Figure 34: Functional PDP State Model 58

Figure 35: PDP Context Activation Procedure 59

Figure 36: Successful Network-Requested PDP Context Activation Procedure 61

Figure 37: Protection Procedure 62

Figure 38: Mobile User Activity Procedure 63

Figure 39: Anonymous Access PDP Context Activation Procedure 63

Figure 40: PDP Context Modification Procedure 65

Figure 41: PDP Context Deactivation Initiated by MS Procedure 65

Figure 42: PDP Context Deactivation Initiated by SGSN Procedure 66

Figure 43: PDP Context Deactivation Initiated by GGSN Procedure 66

Figure 44: Anonymous Access PDP Context Deactivation Initiated by MS Procedure 67

Figure 45: Anonymous Access PDP Context Deactivation Initiated by GGSN Procedure 67

Figure 46: Multiplexing of Network Protocols 71

Figure 47: Sequential Invocation of SNDC Functionality 72

Figure 48: Transmission Plane for PDP Type PPP 73

Figure 49: BSSGP Protocol Position 74

Figure 50: Remote Packet Control Unit (PCU) Positions 77

Figure 51: GPRS Subscription Data 78

Figure 52: Use of NSAPI and TLLI 84

Figure 53: MT SMS Transfer, Successful 91

Figure 54: MT SMS Transfer, Unsuccessful 92

Figure 55: MO SMS Transfer, Successful 93

Figure 56: Suspend and Resume Procedure 94

Annex E (informative):

Table 1: Mapping of Functions to Logical Architecture 21

Table 2: Network Operation Modes 33

Table 3: Mapping of High-level Functions Across the Gb Architecture 75

Table 4: HLR GPRS Subscription Data 78

Table 5: SGSN MM and PDP Contexts 79

Table 6: SGSN MM and PDP Contexts for Anonymous Access 80

Table 7: GGSN PDP Context 80

Table 8: GGSN PDP Context for Anonymous Access 81

Table 9: MS MM and PDP Contexts 81

Table 10: MS MM and PDP Contexts for Anonymous Access 82

Table 11: MSC/VLR Association 82

Table 12: Precedence Classes 88

Table 13: Reliability Classes 89

Table 14: Peak Throughput Classes 89

Table 15: Mean Throughput Classes 90

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