B.5 OR for calls from fixed network subscribers

03.793GPPStage 2Support of Optimal Routeing phase 1TS

There is in principle no technical reason why a fixed network exchange cannot be provided with the capability to analyse a called party number to determine whether it belongs to a GSM PLMN, and to interrogate an HLR for routeing information. A fixed network exchange with these capabilities would combine the functions of VMSCA and GMSCA in this specification; otherwise the functional description of optimal routeing would remain unchanged. The specific exclusion of the possibility of optimal routeing of calls from a fixed network subscriber has raised concerns that the European Commission may regard SOR as anti-competitive. If/when SMG1 decide to extend the scope of the stage 1 specification for SOR to cover OR of calls from fixed network subscribers, the scope of the stage 2 specification can be similarly extended.