C.2 Doppler spectrum types

05.053GPPRadio transmission and receptionTS

In this clause, we define the two types of doppler spectra which will be used for the modelling of the channel. Throughout this clause the following abbreviations will be used:

‑ fd = v/, represents the maximum doppler shift, with v (in ms‑1) representing the vehicle speed, and  (in m) the wavelength.

The following types are defined:

a) CLASS is the classical doppler spectrum and will be used in all but one case;

(CLASS) S(f) = A/(1‑(f/fd)2 )0.5 for f  ‑fd, fd;

b) RICE is the sum of a classical doppler spectrum and one direct path, such that the total multipath contribution is equal to that of the direct path. This power spectrum is used for the shortest path of the RA model;

(RICE) S(f) = 0,41/(2fd(1‑(f/fd )2 )0,5 ) + 0,91 (f ‑ 0,7 fd ) for f  ]‑fd, fd.[